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Paris with kids: Top 10 of the best activities.

Family holidays in Paris sounds like a great idea!

But Paris is a big city which can be overwhelming for the youngest. I will give you a Family holidays in Paris sounds like a great idea!

But Paris is a big city which can be overwhelming for the youngest. I will give you a few tips here to get the best of your trip to Paris in family and print great memories in the minds of everyone.

Top 10 of my favorite:

Eiffel tower

Climb up the iconic Eiffel tower is a must for a first trip in town. You can decide to take the elevator or go by steps, one option less sporty than the other. On the very top enjoy a wonderful view over the city and discover Mr Eiffel’s flat.

Tips : Book and buy your tickets way in advance if you want to be sure to reach the top. Plan a half day total to visit the tower with no rush.

Boat ride on river Seine

An always enjoyable, resting and quiet way to see the city. From the boat you’ll have the best points of view over many monuments and can get amazing pics. Many companies are providing boat rides during day time but also night time. For exemple les bateaux mouches or les bateaux parisiens...

Treasure hunt in the Louvre

Mona would be extremely upset not to see you during your stay in town...

The Louvre definitively worth a visit, but as it is the “Most visited museum of the world” it can be interesting to know a few tricks.

My professional advice is to plan a visit not too long; two hours max with kids is more than enough, focusing on the “superstars” such as Mona Lisa painting, Samothrace Victory, Venus de Milo, Napoleon’s coronation, raft of medusa and Liberty leading people.

If you want to make smoother, ask for the services of a licensed tour guide who will be able to give you the keys of understanding on a lively way with a treasure hunt tour. Kids will enjy, keep good memories in mind and learn in the same time.

Tips : Louvre museum is always busier on morning times. Monday is usually the busiest day of the week.

Paris Public gardens

Enjoy a peaceful walk in one of Paris gardens : Tuileries, Luxembourg, buttes Chaumont, or Jardin des plantes ( favorite of locals with is natural history museum and stuffed animals) … each has its own atmosphere, masterpieces, sculptures, museums, activities, … get a nice ice cream, seat on the grass and breath !

Grévin Museum

A rainy day and you find no inspiration, what to do?

Go the wax museum of Paris! Enjoy this entertaining visit, take selfies with “almost real” celebrities. Learn the names of local stars, and discover a section dedicated to French history.

Gardens of Versailles

A visit inside Versailles palace needs a little bit of organization, book tickets in advance and services of a guide if possible, to avoid long lines in high season.

But Versailles estate is also counting two gardens: the French formal garden and the park, much easier to visit on your own and absolutely wonderful on a sunny day. Both different.

The French formal was made to be discovered walking and enjoyed by the king and its court, fountains, statues, perspective… absolutely stunning!

And the park, much bigger , with the vacation "houses" of kings, Marie Antoinette private's mansion and farm.

Visit it by bicycle (rentable on site) or walking (but take good shoes!).

All information and Fountains day on the official web site of Versailles estate.

Cooking class

Paris offers great “gourmandises” to discover and as many cooking classes in English to take back skills and recipes with you. Depending of your taste : croissants, bread, macarons, French traditional dishes…

A good culinary experience to share in family at any age.

Le foodist would give you a good experience.

Food tour

Strolling on a market, tasting new things, new flavors, smells, seasons can be enjoyable for the youngest’s, a good way to explore their different senses, and an imersion into local life. Finish that day happily -and full of food- enjoying Ratatouille movie in family!

Opera house Garnier

Chase the phantom of the Opéra in his home, hear about “les petits rats”, young dancers training and wishing to become “une étoile”, a star one day!

Cosy, warm, rich, and interesting!

What a good idea on a bad weather day!

Notre Dame Cathedral

We hope back to us soon…I cannot finish without Notre Dame!

Checking if Quasimodo let himself be seen in the bell towers, for a while, visit it from the outside, or from the boat ride.

We cannot wait to be able to enter again and hear the beautiful organ case and the voice of Esmeralda.

Tip : Prepare a stained glass window drawing session with the kids before!

I hope these few tricks will help you to organise activities in family in town.

If you need more help, feel free to ask me through social medias Facebook and Istagram Céline LMP My paris tour guide or by e-mail at

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